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Solar Screens Dallas

Solar screens are the most effective outdoor window shades and inexpensive solution that you can apply to your home for lowering energy bills. They block the heat transfer through your windows and doors while still maintaining your view. This lowers your energy costs while also providing protection from insects. Solar screens come in a variety of colors to match any exterior home d├ęcor. Solar screens work by creating shade between the solar screen and the exterior pain of glass. When the windows are closed, they are more efficient than awnings. The solar screen also reflects direct light from the sun and absorbs and holds heat, which is then dispersed away from the glass.

Common films are cheaper than solar screens but often leave the undesired effect and in most cases voids your window's manufacturer warranty .Solar Screens can save you thousands of dollars in Air Conditioning bills.

Reasons for Investing in Solar Screens:

  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Sun Control Products
  • Roll-Away Screens
  • Drop Shades
  • Interior & Exterior Shading
  • Blocks up to 90% of the sun's heat
  • Provides daytime privacy
  • Reduces glare
  • Prevents sun damage in home
  • Eliminates pests

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